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March 30, 2019 Curtain

The Curtains for Wide Windows

Curtains for Wide Windows – For country charm and elegance nothing is like Priscilla curtains. Various designs in this classic brand will turn any window into an exhibit item, especially when given a mosquito net. You can add an old-fashioned chic Victorian tinge to even the most modern house. But if you do not hang the curtains correctly, the whole effect will be lost. Here’s how to do the job properly.

To make sure that curtains for wide windows you are wide enough, measure the window frame. Each curtain panel must be at least twice the width of the window. This will allow the curtain to hang properly. For this reason, the Priscilla curtain is made extra wide. Instead, they are too wide than not wide enough. Install all necessary sticks and other hardware. Curtains need to be hung on double curtain rods. Place 2 bars of brackets next to each other or buy stocks that have multiple attachments.

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The goal is to have one stick stuck on top of the other. This means that one bar will have a long calf and the other will be shorter. Next, put a panel of curtains onto both rods. Most Priscilla curtains ruffled, either on each side or only on one side. If you hang a single-sided ruffle curtain on multiple windows, the rear panel should be facing one direction, and the front panel on the other. That’s the article about curtains for wide windows.

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This article main ideas is curtains for wide windows

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